At Peninsula Community Church, group life is very important to us. When we say 'group life' we mean groups of people doing life together. Not only does this involve all the things we experience in life, but it also involves having purposeful relationships. It means, as people of faith, we are still the church, even when we are outside the walls of the community centre. Thus, the idea of 'House Church' was born in which people would spend time together eating, hanging out, praying, and learning from God's Word and God's people, just as the early church did. However, we ultimately didn't want to confuse people as many people think the House Church replaces our corporate gathering on Sunday mornings. We certainly didn't want to send that message so, after some great feedback, we went back to a name that has held significance for us in the past, and that is Mosaic. 

We're all part of a larger picture God is putting together in this place. Mosaic groups will have four elements in common: food, fellowship, prayer, and learning from God's Word, through the Bible and through his people. To begin with, the groups will meet fortnightly. As we launch them in February, we'll have a lot more information, but I want to address some FAQ's as you begin to process your involvement.

How will the groups be structured?

Each group of 8-10 people will meet at a host home. Because the goal is to develop and grow in relationships, we will suggest a group for you to join and a leader will be in touch with you. The reason we do this is that we try and take into account things like ages and stages of kids, previous relationships, and schedules. The occupants of the host home many or may not be the leaders of the group. We think it's important to have a leader that can help steer conversations if necessary and can help make sure that the conversations and content are helpful to people. However, these groups will not be highly scripted, nor are they supposed to be dominated by one individual; instead, the leader will help everyone feel comfortable in making meaningful contributions.

What about kids?

Kids are of course invited to come along as it is also important for them to grow in their relationships with others. During the portion when discussion is taking place, kids will be encouraged to watch a movie or participate in another activity together. 

Do I have to know the Bible well to participate?

The main document that people will be referencing is the past weeks' sermon notes. While some learning will take place, these groups are meant to be encouraging discussion groups. Some people may want to contribute a lot to conversations; others may be mostly quiet and observe. Either one is ok!

What if I miss a week?

The beauty of this model is that it is friendly to the absent and to the new comer. Since we're not following a book or a long-term study, there is nothing to prepare and nowhere to get lost, we're simply referencing what was taught on Sunday. Even if you weren't at church on Sunday, you will still be able to follow by referencing the notes page (we'll have the copies for you). 

What do we hope to accomplish with these groups?

The goal is to develop a closer relationship with God and with others. Sometimes the word 'discipleship' is tossed around when we talk about growing in faith; this is our discipleship strategy at PCC. In these groups, we will, over time, learn to apply God's Word more fully in our lives and learn what it means to go on a journey with others. 

Do I need to sign up?

We would prefer it. It makes it much easier for us to get the groups going if we know who is going to be involved from the beginning. Fill out the form below and help us with our numbers

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